Thursday, August 7, 2008

Report: Two Weeks of iPhone 3G Usage


Overall experience:
- It just feels FRESH!

Navigation and Zooming:
- Photo browsing
- Safari (web) och Mail zooming

Safari (Webrowser):
- I even leave my laptop at home, used it on the morning bus earlier

Mail Client
- Like it, like it a lot!!

App Store:
More and more applications available and quick and easy to buy/download them. Payment integration with iTunes is really nice.


Map (GPS) with directions:
- Awaiting the upcoming(?) update to make it a "real" GPS killer

Phone functionality:
- Easy to use, quick access to common support apps and good enogh sound quality

iPod application:
- ok, except the bluetooth issue, see below


On application at a time:
- One application and iPod or Phone or Safari or Mail only. Most annoying is that your mail is closed when clicking a URL in a HTML mail.

Included headphones:
- Or is it just me that are to comfortable with my in-ear plugs?

Entering long text (mostly mail and URL's):
- Hopefully I will get quicker at this. Guess I didn't enter that much text earlier (SE P1i, SE P800i) since their mail/web clients kinda sucks if you compare ;)

Not that hard to scratch the screen:
- Guess the movies on YouTube is not that accurate after all. Real usage us real usage. In my case, sailing in the Stockholm archipelago with some beach visits.


- My SE P1i kicks iPhone butt if you compare

Lack of bluetooth support in iPod application:
- Only the Phone supports bluetooth at the time. You could force music to bluetooth by starting the iPod after a phonecall is initiated, does that count? ;)

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