Friday, December 12, 2008

Some Spotify Invites Left

Currently I have 3 more invites to share.
And I get another one tomorrow.. send me a email at jonte (at) jonte dot nu

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Picture service for tired parents:

We have releases a service that enables parents to quickly receive a link to a custom made picture gallery.

Depending on your child's interests you can initially buy access to galleries of tractors, horses and  airplanes. Princesses, helicopters and more are in the making.

With a short SMS you will get access to a gallery to show in your cellphone.
No more Google Picture Search on my iPhone ;)

At the moment we are limited to subscribers in Sweden, with the operators: 

Pricing (draft)
  • 25 pictures, in one category: 1 EUR
  • 4 x 25 pictures, in 4 categoriest: 3 EUR
The system is built in Ruby On Rails and will be supported by JoNtEs System Consulting, photos provided by Bengt Wänergard and photos with Creative Common, Commercial license.

Spotify Invites for Christmas - Gooodie!

Spotify adds one invite each day until christmas for their premium subscribers.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Spotify Premium - One Month Later - A Short Review

One month ago I signed up for a premium Spotify account. At work I use it more or less all the time. The possibility to change to whatever music you like at the moment is GREAT!
The UI need some improvements, but it's quick and the most important things is that the music streaming really works. I can't remember ANY downtime, and not that many records/artists I have searched for have not been found. Please Spotify, add Rammstein records will ya ;) not only their songs in compilations.

Like it, like it alot!

And finally, Spotify!! Please make me a iPhone beta tester ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Go Spotify Go!!! - iPhone Version In Beta Test

I really really want to be one of the selected few testers for the Spotify iPhone client.

The premium subscription I have today i really nice!! A iPhone client should really be a killer.


Monday, August 25, 2008

UserGroups.Nu alive, iPhone FAQ in the making

Finally I managed to get my FAQ and Usergroup site alive and kicking.

Initially I will start to populate the iPhone FAQ, but later on more sections will be added.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

iPhone Mail - Please add "widescreen mode"

One of the few bad things about the mail client in the iPhone is that, unlike Safari, you can not tilt the phone to get widescreen mode.

Since the text is jus a bit larger in widescreen by default this would be exceptional good for reading my many html mail. No mostly I have to first zoom some to get a proper text-size.

Hopefully this is a upcoming feature in the early software updates for iPhone.
Please Apple, please ;)


Could be better:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

iPhone Maps Most Wanted Feature: Export Bookmarks

I should really like to export my bookmarks (pins) from iPhone Maps.
Do I really need to buy a 3rd party GPS/Map application to be able to use my locations outside iPhone?

Successfully updated to iPhone 2.02

No major changes what I can see.
Some early reports that the UI is quicker, and that the typing lag is improved.

Let's see about that.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Does iPhone Microsoft Exchange Sync Drain The Battery?

There seems to be a well known issue with the Exchange mail sync in iPhone.

At least on my iPhone the battery time is reduced by more than half when I activate the Microsoft Exchange synchronization. I'll try to find more information on this today...

Article about the settings you need to tweak:

Apple's Suggestions:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Facts: Jonas Montonen - System Architect

Some Facts About Jonas Montonen

A.k.a: JoNtE
Living: Saltarö, Värmdö, Sweden
Education: Informatics, Umeå University, 1995-1999

Professional Background:
1998 - present : Self employed, JoNtEs System Consulting
2000 - 2001: Consultant, Guide Förädling AB, Stockholm
2001 - 2006: Consultant, Ascade AB, Stockholm
2006 - present: System Architect, CIBER Sweden AB

Technical Skills: 
.Net Framework 1.0 - 3.x, Ruby On Rails, Reporting Services, Team System/Team Foundation Server
Lean/Agile Development, SCRUM, TDest Drive Design

Outdoor activities

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friends web-shop alive and kicking

Finally our friends have got their webshop up and running.
They are selling handmade necklaces, earrings and bracelets. 

Take a look will ya.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Report: Two Weeks of iPhone 3G Usage


Overall experience:
- It just feels FRESH!

Navigation and Zooming:
- Photo browsing
- Safari (web) och Mail zooming

Safari (Webrowser):
- I even leave my laptop at home, used it on the morning bus earlier

Mail Client
- Like it, like it a lot!!

App Store:
More and more applications available and quick and easy to buy/download them. Payment integration with iTunes is really nice.


Map (GPS) with directions:
- Awaiting the upcoming(?) update to make it a "real" GPS killer

Phone functionality:
- Easy to use, quick access to common support apps and good enogh sound quality

iPod application:
- ok, except the bluetooth issue, see below


On application at a time:
- One application and iPod or Phone or Safari or Mail only. Most annoying is that your mail is closed when clicking a URL in a HTML mail.

Included headphones:
- Or is it just me that are to comfortable with my in-ear plugs?

Entering long text (mostly mail and URL's):
- Hopefully I will get quicker at this. Guess I didn't enter that much text earlier (SE P1i, SE P800i) since their mail/web clients kinda sucks if you compare ;)

Not that hard to scratch the screen:
- Guess the movies on YouTube is not that accurate after all. Real usage us real usage. In my case, sailing in the Stockholm archipelago with some beach visits.


- My SE P1i kicks iPhone butt if you compare

Lack of bluetooth support in iPod application:
- Only the Phone supports bluetooth at the time. You could force music to bluetooth by starting the iPod after a phonecall is initiated, does that count? ;)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

iPhone not that resistent to scratches after all

I've used my iPhone 3G for about two weeks now, and already I have multiple scratches on both the touchscreen and the back. I guess the YouTube movies are not that accurate after all.

Maybe sailing in the Stockholm archipelago with some beach visits is not recommended after all ;)

I'll try to take i photo of the current iPhone condition later this week.

iPhone 3G Scratch Test
Iphone Scratch Crash Test PCworld

Monday, August 4, 2008

iPhone missing feature? Vibrating alarm in Clock application

I tried a couple of times to create an alarm that only triggers the vibration, without any sound at all.
For some reason I fail. Could it be that there is no way (yet) to create this soundless alarm?

I really need it for those early mornings that I go to work som times, without wake my dear Eva ;)

Leaving Textpattern for Blogger

I've been updating the site too seldom lately.

In an attempt to change this I changed CM tool. From to 

Since I mostly writes blog like articles anyway, why not use a Blogger that I use for some other blogs anyway. Hopefully I will be able to use my iPhone to update it on the fly ;)

Will get back with some articles any day now.

Regards // Jonas Montonen


Please stand by....

Jonas Montonen