Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wiz Lists Updated And On Own Domain:

I just uploaded a new version of Wiz Lists to App Engine. 

Made some clean up and a "cheat sheet" was added.
Almost forgot to mention, Wiz Lists can now be reached at 
More updates to come soon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The final(?) Spotify Invite

Yesterday my last Spotify invite was used for registering a new account.
This far I have shared 28 Spotify invites. Thanks Spotify  for making me look good ;)
Hopefully I will receive more invites soon.

You know who you are:

  • perekstrom
  • peose
  • lavaeater
  • fredrik.fahlen
  • onkelklessing
  • trance_nation
  • duflont
  • hamish
  • emiand
  • hairan
  • erzki
  • caverider
  • sosa0352
  • euphonic
  • decosta
  • magnusb22
  • paalg
  • geten72
  • speedz0r
  • angr2
  • sef_jones
  • vms7
  • christiannielsen
  • switchice
  • bajsmacka35
  • mfalle
  • connyhansson1969
  • compaqdrew

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Upcoming To Do List Manager:

The alpha version of my task manager "Wiz Lists" is now inline at
This is JSC's first application developed with Google App Engine

Highlighted features:
  • Add task by hitting "Enter"
  • Add multiple tasks by "CTRL+Enter", separate tasks by comma ","
  • Keep the text (handy when adding many similar tasks) by holding down "SHIFT"+any combo ot the above
  • Keep private list by signing in with your Google Account
Still, missing fetaures
  • Inline edit of tasks
  • Multple lists per logged in user
  • Reordering
  • And more..
More to come...